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Since 1975 Fellowship Ministries has helped to equip pastors and lay worship leaders through worship and music conferences and seminars, publications, and through the worship concert ministry of Dave and Barb Anderson.

Beginning in mid-2008, the main focus of Fellowship Ministries will be Shepherd's Canyon Retreat, a specialized counseling and retreat center for wounded church workers and their spouses. The Shepherd's Canyon Retreat ministry is described in detail on the SCR website,

Christopher Columbus convinced Queen Isabella that she should provide funding for his three ships to sail to another world. At the time, people believed that the world stopped at the edge of the horizon. If you tried to go further, you would "fall off".

In his diary, Christopher Columbus wrote, "today we sailed off the map".

In a very real sense, Fellowship Ministries is in the process of "sailing off the map". No one has ever built a Lutheran-based counseling center for burned out church workers.

We need your help to keep sailing. A year from now we want to be able to say, "look what the Lord and the Lord's people have made possible".

We are a faith ministry and believe that God will provide for our needs according to His plan. Fellowship Ministries has severed the Kingdom for 33 years; God has been faithful! We invite you to support this ministry so that this important work can continue. Gifts ranging from $5 and into the thousands are what provides the necessary finances especially during these challenging economic times.

Four ways that you can help:

1. Give a one-time gift here.
2. Help us with a monthly gift
3. Set up a gift plan through "Simply Giving" here (automatic fund transfer)
4. Pray for us!